Wednesday, September 26, 2018

home(t)raveling: the pics we forgot to show you!

Oops! Looks like we got somethin' to tell you guys...
So, actually, yes. Hum, that's a bit awkward. How do we begin? Well - look - there's no easy way to say it. Better be straightforward and direct: we've been cheatin' with y'all. Big time, yes. And we've been doing so for the last 9 months, more or less. We've been hiding stuff to you. Like big. But, you know: it was not that big at the beginning. You'd hardly have noticed anyway. So there was really no point to saying anything... And then it started to get bigger. Like progressively... And you know how it goes: the bigger it gets, the harder to talk about it. You can't really blame us. It always happens like that. There's the room, and the baby elephant, which gets bigger. Like a teenage elephant, and the room feels smaller. Then an adult elephant and it feels really tight in the damn room, but people keep pretending there's no elephant in there, you know: A what? No. What do you mean "an elephant"? Ha ha! Me can't see any... Can you?
Do you understand already? No? Really? Do we have to... Oh god! Don't pretend you never suspected anything! Like we posted all these articles with pictures of us and you didn't ever imagined something was going on? Come on! Wha... wait! Are you insinuating we may have censored the pics we published over the 9 past months? Of course, we had to select some and discard others. But always with the purest intentions, you know. Look, let's put everything on the table and show the other side of each of these moments. Like the "behind the scenes" of a movie. How'd you like that? You up?

in April: we're just back from Basque country and busy building the kitchen: after almost a year cooking in the garden or the staircase, it's our first priority and we're working hard! We showed you this (left), but you could have seen that (right). It's like playing "night time/day time", but we call it "you don't see it/now you see it" and it's a lot of fun, too!

in May: we're cleaning and preparing the recycled clay tiles from C. & L. to do the flooring of the future laundry room. You saw this (left) but we could have posted that (right). At about the same time, we're determined to get the first floor - bathroom, our bedroom and the so-called "guestroom" (ha ha!) - finished by the begining of summer (it obviously won't be). Here's the official picture of the rooms' plasterboard partitioning (left), vs. the bootleg one* (right).

in June: the sun is back at last for us to enjoy, and we're dedicating a few days to the garden, while the Maire is taking a chunk of it from us. We have this solstice/anniversary/surprise birthday party coming and need to make room for the pyre and the friends. Here's the garden you saw (left) and there, the Wallis just out of the frame (right).

in July: we're still convinced we can do everything before the end of the summer and before a deadline we see approaching much faster than we're able to work... Resistance is futile, Wallis: you can't work as nothin's happening nor can you hide it anymore. Well, it's not bad on these ones (left and center), but it's not working on that one (right).

in August: it's becoming challenging to hide this growing feeling that we're losing the race against the clock: only one room we're not even sleeping in yet; a big junkyard where the "guestroom" is supposed to be; and a bathroom that's getting ready but still lacks such critical features as... water. Difficult to pretend we're on time! Wallis keeps working like she's not 8 months preg----, but there's no pic of her we can shoot (left) without spoiling the secret (right).

in September: the last straight line. Now the bathroom is ready, we're putting everything we have into finishing our room, but not without style and mounting the doube-glazing on the windows. Even though the blog featured a busy routing Futuna (left), Wallis was there too: keeping a low flat profile and trying hard not to get off the frame (right)...

September 26th: our mission is almost accomplished and what's left might have to wait a little bit, now. Who needs a second room ready anyway? Or a clean and bright staircase with a fresh coat of white on the walls and ceiling? Or a nice shelf for books and music in the livingroom? Or a neat, practical space for laundry, storage and stuff? Pffft!

the moon was full last night, we may not have much time left...

That's more than enough for now
So we'll be back soon!
Take care n' enjoy,
We love y'all,
W. & F.


* About this "bootleg" picture of Wallis: and the plasterboard wall between the 2 rooms... This image was displayed somewgere along the stop-motion we made of the building of this wall and its closet/dressing. If you don't believe us, check it here: it's straight at the bottom of the post and there's some cool music by The dirty dozen bras band!

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