Friday, November 1, 2013

Un(t)raveling: warming-up! dec. 2011 - nov. 2013

The idea of Un(t)raveling came naturally and progressively while living together and getting to know each other.
But before hitting the road, we felt like practising a little bit sharing what we most enjoy, being outdoor, in the mountains, exploring and wandering around.
Here is a selection of fifty pictures, an average of two per month over these two years of training!
We decided to add no comment to them, no title, not even a location. If you're curious about some images in particular, feel free to ask!

* It's probably a good place to remind all the pictures on this blog are ours, unless their owner is clearly identified. Thanks a lot for not using nor reproducing any of them (even partially) without our permission, or at least mentionning Un(t)raveling and the URL address or link to this blog!