Thursday, October 23, 2014

in the mood for... crumbs!

bad weather and snowfall found us at around 3.000m on the Tofana di Rozes, and that's how we met a lovely new friend...

On the 7th day of our Dolo-mythic diet, pretty exhausted, running out of food and dying for a warm shower, we decided to go for one extra hike before heading down to civilization and rest. After a short and cold night on the rifugio Dibona car park, we left early to climb up the beautiful (and challenging) fia ferrata Giovanni Lipella, which goes all the way up to the Tofana di Rozes (3.225m), through WW1 rusty ladders and pitch-dark tunnel only to take you across steep rock faces and exposed scree slopes... We found some ice along the route, some real bad weather and got in the middle of a (mild) snow storm, making us actually a bit nervous about escaping and safely reaching the rifugio Giussani safely.

Nat King Cole featuring the Alpine Chough.
You can find some pictures and a more detailed description of the adventure here, even though we wrote that post in French and Spanish (automatic translations in English-French-Spanish are available by clicking the flags at the bottom of each page of the blog and - we won't repeat it enough: google automated translations can be really funny!). The whole adventure was nice and worth it, despite the tense moment(s) hanging to both the life-line and a poor weather forecast... We needed a break and stopped at the rifugio for a little pause: two warm caffe latte helped and as we took out some biscuits from the backpacks, suddenly, in the loneliness of this stormy, ice-cold day of September, at 2.580m, this little fellah appeared out of nowhere asking for a treat... We grabbed the camera and started to film its flirting with us and couldn't help laughing all along as it came closer, took some food then backed-up on ly to come closer again for another bite... The video is short and we basically edited nothing at all (sorry for this: it's not that we are lazy, we just don't have a clue how to edit videos, except for adding music, trimming, fading and writing down some credits. If you're into video editing or film-making and want to share/exchange habilities, get in touch with us!). The soundtrack came to us as a pretty natural thing, since the charm of this Corvidae was magnetic and its little parade seduced us. Not being judgemental here but, this boy id pretty fat and we reckon we weren't its first feeders up there, ha ha ha! Dude's experienced!

Anyway, here it goes, hope you enjoy it:

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