Friday, May 1, 2015

Celebrating 18 months un(t)raveling!

We enjoy the occasional long-speech-to-say-not-so-much. Just riding words and sentences, seeing where they feel like taking us to... Surprisingly, we tend to make it shorter when it comes to saying important simple things. Simple things are often the most important ; important things are usually pretty simple (except for those which aren't, obviously). Anyway, it's been eighteen months already since we left Barcelona on November, 1st 2013. Eighteen months is already something but, hey, let's talk about it in ten years, right. Where shall we be ten years from now? Where will you? May 1st, 2025... Will there be a single soul celebrating Labour Day then? Here it goes:

Happy May 1st! Happy Labour Day! Happy un-birthday to most of you!
(an original postcard to be sent to anyone born on
May 1st who'll let us know in a comment) and of course: 
Happy Un(t)ravelings for everybody!

Here is an original un(t)raveling foldable flyer/postcard we decided not to print, out of consideration for Mother earth, the trees, the beavers, the snails and the whales. Anyway, those who want can print it at home, preferably on a delicate recycled ivory cardboard, cut it carefully then let it rest on their marble mantelpiece, modern art bookshelf or Louis XV/Felip V cabinet so their visitors can get to hear about us and visit this blog - whose URL is not written down on the card by the way... That would be so vulgar!

the Lilly of the valley or French Muguet (Convallaria majalis).
MAY: 1st 
(one and only)
(like in one-and-a-half-year, yes!)
(in two vehicles and sporadically a Yaris)
(eight if you count Ariege as one, which it is)
(seven hundreds and thirty expected for 2016)
(this is 3,44 per month, or 1 every 9 days)
PICTURES TAKEN: around 8.000 
(sadly, it's not even ridiculously excessive with today's cameras and stuff)
(this is an estimation)
(for following and supporting us)

These odd figures are just an ironic reminder of how important it is to listen to yourself and to make decisions of your own ( -what was it already, Mum: on your own or of your own?). To make them for yourselves, not for what others may be expecting you to do. "Others" here means society, your dog, your friends, your family, your government, your banker, your community, your boss, your hairdresser, your God... So yes: the change seemed deep, the jump tricky, the gap huge. But for eighteen months it's been worth it: worth doing, worth daring, worth surrendering, worth exploring and worth listening to ourselves.

- what can possibly be better than a water tank?
- two water tanks! bazinga!
We've talked already about how our concepts of home and routine have evolved (true thing) ; how our relationships to space and property have changed (sure enough) ; how our comfort zone and adaptative faculties have expanded (hopefully). We do believe our confidence in life and in ourselves, as individuals and as partners have increased (yes, they could). Being a team is great, but being a team on the road, on a DIY project, on a last-minute translation job, on a rockface and on a chilly day under the rain is just so awesome! I know some will say growing potatoes, leeks and lettuce is not as mentally and physically challenging as a multipitch climb. But it is close to being as satisfying, I promise. Back-camping in the heart of the Dolomites with speck soup and long hikes was amazing, but our own little-Arco in the high-valley of l'Ariège is so cute and quiet (and with all due respect to the Tyrolese, I'd say it's way cooler! But as the régional de l'étape here, I might not be quite objective on that)... And our water tank is so much bigger now! It's even double now! 400 litres of rainwater for the orchard! When ten days ago, all the rainwater from the roof was still going straight to the river! Wish we had one of those badass tanks while living on the van: it is the Miracle elixir of perpetual happiness under the rain! Instead of suffering for all the routes you cannot climb, you just stand by the window, staring at your water tank that is get full! Ha ha ha! Can life be this nice and simple? Looks like it does...

So what's the point? Is there a point? Let's find a point. I need a point (dear old Bill H.). They say every journey has a first step, every oak a first leaf, every story a first morning and so on. Well, it's probably time to begin with the first leaves of our tomatoes and chicory. See you soon by the orchard!

introducing some of the main characters of this spring's most expected saga: l'hort of the (onion) rings!


  1. Un peu forcé à mon avis mais allez... j'attends la saga de "L'hort of the (onion) rings"!

    1. ça y est, Willy Fog, la saison 1 est en ligne! :)