Friday, December 25, 2015

Riding a three-cat open sledge...

With the less wintery winter we remember and the very first Christmas Full Moon your Un(t)ravelers will ever see - last one was on Dec. 25th 1977 -, we are delighted to wish you all the following (see below) and much more for both what's left of 2015 and the New Year 2016!

See us wave our hands at you in pure amazintastic joy, as our triplicated old-but-still-in-shape-and-beautiful K-cat flies us around above the snowy valley of l'Ariège! Come closer, for we don't easily talk loud and here's our three step recipe for happiness:

1- Keep moving, exploring and discovering, in a word: un(t)raveling! Remember it's not about where you're going, nor how far you get. It's about how you look at the world around you, here and now. Follow the brilliant suggestion of Cheryl's mother in Wild (higly recommendable movie, btw!) and put yourself in the way of beauty...

2- Do cruise the way that is best for you. You know better than anyone whether it's on a bicycle, in a Marco Polo Mercedes-Benz, with skis or on horseback! Our sledge is not necessarily the one for you, and vice versa... Find yours, ride yours! And if you ever need instructions for a DIY sledge, just ask! Come build it here in the yard: you'll have a chance to try it with an actual cat and (hopefully soon) actual snow. Every chemist knows it: using the right vehicle is key to success!

3- Make sure you are surrounded at all times (well, give them a break every now and then, e.g. when you go to the restrooms) by nice, loving and smiling people. Don't forget to be nice, loving and smiling with them too, in return! People make the world, ya know, go round... And that's pretty much it: this is about all the best, most profound wisdom we are capable of, from us to you: appropriate vehicle, genuine curiosity and the gift of Others. So, enjoy this very Merry Christmas and the great coming Happy New Year too!

Ah, and of course: here's your load of funky good time, fellahs!

Don't forget to have a look at the cold full moon tonight: step outside, breathe the fresh air, look up and say hello to the bearded old man if you see him...

With love, peace and a warm hug,
Wallis & Futuna

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