Friday, November 1, 2013

Un(t)raveling: warming-up! dec. 2011 - nov. 2013

The idea of Un(t)raveling came naturally and progressively while living together and getting to know each other.
But before hitting the road, we felt like practising a little bit sharing what we most enjoy, being outdoor, in the mountains, exploring and wandering around.
Here is a selection of fifty pictures, an average of two per month over these two years of training!
We decided to add no comment to them, no title, not even a location. If you're curious about some images in particular, feel free to ask!

* It's probably a good place to remind all the pictures on this blog are ours, unless their owner is clearly identified. Thanks a lot for not using nor reproducing any of them (even partially) without our permission, or at least mentionning Un(t)raveling and the URL address or link to this blog!


  1. Really loved the pics even the ones with low quality... a Little of a shame.

    You won't be able to make big posters of it!


    1. Thanks for your kind messages, dear Anonymous!!
      About the low quality of the pictures, we noticed the blog is becoming real slow lately and assume blogger cannot take much more than 200-300kb images, so we reduce them as much as possible to see if it helps... In case you (or any other anonymous follower) like a picture very much and want a big poster, we'll gladly send the full size image!