Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Un(t)raveling, en plan séquence.

At the beginning of April, we found out Werner Herzog's unraveling documentary "Cave of forgotten dreams", about the stunningly beautiful and unique Grotte Chauvet (Chauver cave), in Ardèche, France (watch it on youtube here).

It contains some painting dating back to 33.000 years ago, about twice as old as any other cave art ever discovered in Europe! Some charcoal bare hands printed next to each other were found to be distant of 5.000 years or more - a duration that eventually makes you consider how young and "short-termed" our civilization is, and how somehow "stable" prehistoric societies must have been... Anyway, at about the same time, while learning the subtle art of sheep shearing in Couserans, we passed by the little village of Le Mas d'Azil and crossed its amazing cave, cradle of the Magdalenian settlings in Ariège and the Pyrenees. Wallis was driving and with no special intention, Futuna filmed all the way through the cave. Yesterday night we came across the footage, we played with iMovie for a while and we eventually got to this point.

Since we liked it very much, we decided to share it. Enjoy the ride!

the Cave of the Mas d'Azil, untraveled and unraveled!

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