...an erratic collection of

exotic locations

Iran, en Aragon La' China', Huelva no Blandas allowed
bienvenue chez... les ch'ti? ;p upper bear or lower bear? Ariège. ass-dining st (sic.) in Evora, Portugal
pardon? ville jumelée avec??? Polloooooo! ya sabemos donde estan tooodos!
my idea (is a very good one) looking for a Male? this way, please.
does it need any comment? yesterday - hazardous to go through... welcome to... Mr. ex-president?
need a pi(n)t-stop? try "the little beer" "Champaign Sheep", a village where... ... Silver runs through (how posh is it?)
et pour le pont de l'ADN?? welcome to... eh... Bolokojiamek? ou Crazy horse????
faut bien passer par ici un jour ou l'autre... et être passé par là, aussi!

unexpected boards and graffitis

don't come closer, tuberculous germs no se metan con mi concha! (la lora) excursiones con final feliz
Euskera "moins de travail, plus d'...", ça va de soi, non? enfin un bar où l'on peut: merci Colette!
I love you, cheesy? yes, indeed. l'est pas bavard le mur...
¿wtf? díptico pasional. ¡cabrón!
pizza tonight, yeah! if anyone has a clue to explain this... pas sérieux s'abstenir
seems to be Afrikaans rather than Dutch: "I am a poetry full of
mistakes and always on the run for a spelling control"
you better know how to ride..." a very rare... Boobhist shrine!"
Donkey alert: french style vs. iltalian style. bear gone home!.
smile! "let not the street shut it up"
take your time, say it all...
an inspiring reflexion on chaos. for sale after 6PM... and before? caution: ¿flying cars ahead?
a very chic boutique in Moscow : lucid or ironic? . let me... ¿just express myself?
alternate route... "for not-so-agile persons" literally in Fwench "d-ck restaurant" más claro, ¡imposible!
poetry fo' notin'... (??) literally, in Catalan "salalads" givin' away 3T of rabbit manure!
the one and only ASMS (analog short message system)

and hotels we didn't stay at

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