Friday, January 16, 2015

Happy 2C15!

With our best wishes for the New Year, we are delighted and proud to introduce our new transportation vessel, mother ship and tiny-house-on-wheels: the 2C15.

2C15 is a 1996 Citroën c15d, 1,7L (60hp). We bought it second (third? fourth?)-hand, mostly for its reputation of being time-proof, easy-to-fix (with a swiss-knife and and a youtube tutorial "mechanics for dummies") and in a couple of words: virtually indestructible. Other pros were:

Snow-white, Beauty and the Beast, all in one!
- its unique, unmistakable look, making its owner seem at least familiar to any person living in a remote area, working outdoors or on a farm (anyone who ever owned one will tell you how so very much they miss it),
- its versatility in all circumstances and on all terrains (especially if they have to do with timber, sheep, straw, steep dirt roads or goin' fishin'),
- its second-to-none heating system which consists in keeping the gearstick warm while the whole rest of the car (people on board included) is freezing cold...

We checked online for second-hand c15s, saw several ones in December and finally bought the beauty up here. We needed it prepared a little bit, though. You can find all details and many pictures of how we dit it on the TRANSITion! section, where we already detailed the preparation of our first un(t)raveling vessel. Anyway, as we did with the Ford Transit three years ago, we called our dear friend M. for some support on technics and logistics: workshop with all the space, gear and tools you can dream of, free tips and advice, extensive knowledge and first-hand experience. Put all that into a friend who happens to be a great cook, fellow climber and fine artist with inspiring conversation, readings and insights... Mmh... M. hosted us for a few days so we could deal with the most critical steps of the process, he helped us a lot and we couldn't thank him enough. Possibly maybe a good opportunity to say all friends how much we need and love them. Possibly maybe a good opportunity to say Hello! (and thank you for all the fish) to Mr. Joe Cocker. It's on the house!

I’ll get by, with a little help, from my friends… 

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