Thursday, July 20, 2017

home(t)raveling: week 3

Well well well... not so long ago, we promised we'd keep up with home(t)raveling's weekly schedule and you'll understand our disappointment at writing these lines: it's actually August, 6th and only recently do we have a computer to sit in front of and blog a long due week 3 report. What could possibly prevent us from posting it, then? Our hard drive crashed: mechanical failure. Period. All pictures and music: gone. Let's not talk about backups, because that's where the thing is becoming slightly itchy... Most of our "important" stuff is gone too; such a huge amount of files we'll just pretend to ignore it and keep living as though nothing had happened... Of course, this third week included an emergency trip to Barcelona to get the 17-month-new computer for warranty and intensive care. We worked hard at home but were away 3 days out of 7. This is NOT an excuse!

the summer kitchen with its sink - a 2-hour sunday morning build -, the dining-room, palet sofa and rural museum.
Anyway, instead of a long over-delayed speech, here's a small gallery of some of our treasure-hunting around, underneath and across the house and barn, progressively resulting in what we call the smoare (#SMOARE - obviously, this won't be a thing; ever) : "Small Museum Of Ariégeoise Rural Ethnology". Come in!

some random findings of the week: authentic vintage gems; inspiring DIY project(s) for the winter months; archaeozoological treasures.

"Ladies and gentlemen, from Los Angeles, California: the Doors!" (killer riff starts here): so far, before and during...
proudly introducing the (creedence clearwater?) revine-val ;the summer kitchen in the little hours: time to go to bed!

Well, that'd be it, folks.
So see you soon!
  warm hugs from home,
Wallis & Futuna

* we sincerely hope our beloved vet, antomologist, botanist, photograph and trail athlete friend (N-o, for the ENVT family members) will appreciate it and consider paying us a visit...

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